You Know What You Have To Do

You Know What You Have to Do - Bonnie Shimko 1.5 StarsI hate when a synopsis mislead me and lie. I went in hoping for a quirky, fun read like it says, but instead, all I got was a very dark, slightly insensitive story about a teenage murderer. This is not a light or simple read. Quite frankly, I'm surprised I even finished it. Maggie, as a character is very dull. There is close to no fight or feelings of remorse (that don't feel forced and awkward) in the book. Every time the voice comes into her head, I waited, hoping that she would fight back and show that weirdo who's boss! That doesn't happen. Ever. She gives into the voice almost immediately and it really frustrated me. Also, Maggie doesn't sound like, nor does she act like a fifteen year old. When I first started reading this, I honestly thought she was just starting middle school and not already in high school.She's very petty and whiny, Bonnie Shimko did a poor job trying to get the protagonist to sound and seem the right age. I mean, I don't even know thirteen year olds who would allow their parents to drive them to their first date. That is just so weird!I hated how, for every new thing/person introduced in the story, there is immediately a summary or a bunch of facts about it. Although I don't mind this happening a few times I cannot stand to have it right away for every single thing. Especially when it's on things that are never mentioned again in the book. The ending isn't much of an ending either. It just sort of stops and that's it. It isn't a cliffhanger, where she's about to die or something intense and cool that leaves readers wanting more. It's confusing and odd, I didn't care for it at all.Sadly, the only good thing I can say about this book is that I got through it. And I know that sounds awfully mean but even thinking back to everything that I like and dislike about this book, the like portion is nothing. I would not recommend this to anyone. It isn't interesting, there is no fight in the protagonist that keeps me on my toes about what will happen next. Everything just kind of...sucked. For more reviews chick out my blog:A Lot Like Dreaming