Mind Games

Mind Games - 2.5 StarsMind Games is a really odd book. And by odd I mean I hate it but then I kind of like it at the same time. This is a 237 paged novel about assassins and love...Does that even make sense? Because it doesn't to me. It feels like huge chunks of the story were taken out and no one felt like making what was left into a proper story and just left it like that. Making close to no sense at all.Everything moves really fast in the book. Many things are disorganized concerning the plot and the characters. In fact, there isn't any character building in the book, Fia's voice is very cluttered and unfocused, going from topic to topic in a very rough type of matter. And Annie feels like a blank wall, very stiff and very boring. I wish that Kiersten White put as much focus on Annie as she did with Fia because Annie does not feel like an important character in the story although she should. With Adam, the relation between him and Fia gives off an insta-love type of feeling that I did not like at all. And although the ending is a bit of a surprise, I think because the rest of the book is so predictable that I couldn't bring myself to care about it at all.Fia is an odd character, and her voice is very cluttered but I sort of like it as well, I'm not exactly sure why. It's fresh and new but poorly executed and that's what makes me dislike it. But I love the fact that she has perfect instincts. I mean, how cool is that! She may not be a badass but she has some badass skills that make her very unique. Her relationship with James albeit familiar, is pretty good. The foundation for the relationship is there, and it's growing even with how predictable it is. Kiersten White did a nice job by making Annie blind but also a Seer, I think that just adds to how different this story is. I also like the four stories in one book aspect this book has because while reading about the adventures Annie and Fia go through, we're also learning about their histories and pasts.Unfortunately, a unique story with some creativity doesn't help the story as much as it should because it's poorly executed. The story is very predictable and it's a shame because this could have been a very amazing book if it was given the proper care. I recommend this to anyone who has liked White's other novels or don't mind short stories that don't entirely make sense.