Fallen - Lauren Kate 1.5 or 2 StarsLuce fucking Price is some girl. Everything about her irritated me and her relationship with Daniel who, at many times is a complete asshole to her. He makes her cry, flips her the bird, tells her to shut up, the list goes on. Throughout the novel, there were many chances for Luce to get a backbone and yell at him but she never did nor do I think she does in the whole series. The story itself could have been a lot shorter, for most it, it played out as a contemporary with only a few supernatural things popping up here and there that were sloppily done. Yet, I can't bring myself to give it one star because I liked a few of the secondary characters even though they isn't much character building, I still liked their quirkiness and they, mostly Penn and Arrian, saved this novel from getting a full out one.Full review to come.