Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins 3 or 3.5 stars!This series has just about everything that annoys me in it--whiny MC, overrated love triangle, 'the chosen one' who isn't very special, etc. But the thing is, I love it. I actually ENJOY this series! Very little actually pisses me off about this series and I like to call it one of my guilty pleasures. In Sweet Peril, Anna is a lot whinier than she was in the first one, constantly thinking about Kaidan and not enough on the tasks at hand. I felt just about ready to smack her a few times, but that's not why I'm giving it such a 'meh' rating. It has to do with the ending and how melodramatic it is. There's a great penultimate chapter and then just a 'meh' ending which drove me insane. But, I did like the characters a little more this time around even though Jay isn't around most of the novel. Full review to come.