Gameboard of the Gods - Richelle Mead Richelle Meads' books are like a staircase. They just seep lower and lower. And I really tried to read this. I mean, I fell asleep three times within the first thirty pages but I didn't stop reading until 100 pages in. (Okay, so 95 pages in.)Justin has voices inside of his head. Honestly, for me, this sounds awesome, I love books where the main character is sort of insane. But in this novel, they're very boring, only giving one sentence answers which aren't even funny.And talking about characters, all of the main characters are horrid. Tessa angers me because she does close to nothing except tries to bring out the sensitive side of Justin (it doesn't work). Justin, on the other hand, is just an asshole who loves sex. And Mae feels like a complete robot to me except for when she's all over Justin. of these characters are likeable in the slightest. I also really don't like how Richelle Mead keeps her readers in the dark for a very long time. And by long I mean we don't find out what a plebian is until well over 70 pages in. Or what RUNA (Republic of United North America) stands for yet the authors mentions RUNA multiple times before giving us the explanation. I find this ridiculous. If I don't get explanations for what certain words or acronyms mean then I want be very engaged in the story. Of course there is more wrong with this story other than the characters, being left in the dark for far too long, and that there is too much going on for one book to handle. But I only made it 100 pages in before I had to give up. I don't recommend this book to anyone.