Hopeless - Colleen Hoover I got to about 15 percent before I had to stop for good. Growing up, every kid has been taught not to talk to strangers, to stay away from strangers, stuff like that. There are even videos and speakers brought into schools (at least mine) that have shown what could happen if you talk to a stranger. Sky is our protagonist who thinks of herself as, 'quite smart'. Which, I have a hard time believing based on some of the shit she's done in the name of lust. And she's home-schooled (or was) which is why she should have these rules engraved inside of her brain. These are some things that Sky has done because she's met a very hot boy:1. A stranger cornered her and she didn't call the cops.2. She gave him her name and THEN showed him her ID card (which has all of her information on it, which is like foodporn only for killers).3. She took a drink from a complete stranger's water bottle.4. She waited around while this stranger refilled her water bottle. 5. She allowed a complete stranger to run with her in the evening. 6. When she got home, she refilled his water bottle and then gave it back to him. And then the complete stranger meets her mother, the stranger tells her, "We don't actually know each other." And then gives him her blessing to run with her daughter early in the morning.Remember, this complete stranger is super cute. Like sex god cute.The fact that the mother just said , "It's fine with me if you don't know my daughter but you want to run with her," totally just crossed the line for me. No mother should say this without going to jail. It's disgusting how not only Sky but her mother treat Holder just because he's very handsome. A serial killer is still a killer no matter his looks! An example is Ted Bundy! He's been called 'very attractive' by many people and then he killed people! That could be Holder! I just can't read something that's trying to tell me that if I see a super hot guy acting like a weirdo to ignore it and trust him with my life because a cute guy wouldn't hurt me, right? I just can't do it, I'm sorry. I've been taught better than that.