Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead If you asked me what Vampire Academy is about, I'm not sure I could give you a straight answer. Most of the book is really rushed, and then BAM! We're almost at the end of it when everything slows down and gets good. But those 300 pages before it? Not a clue. This could possibly be the reason why I'm giving the book such an average rating or maybe it's because of the lack of information on Rose and her life. Either way, Vampire Academy is an average read. Rose is our protagonist who does whatever the hell she wants to do. Which is awesome! But a little too mysterious for me. Countless times, it's mentioned very vaguely things she's done with boys, but not what made her stop, or what made her start, or what made her the way she is. Because of this, it made it hard for me to sympathize her as much as I wanted to when she's called a "Blood whore", or slut, etc. Also, to the ending of the book, Rose changes and sort of becomes this lovesick puppy who is a bit annoying. What I did enjoy about this is that most of the characters are well-developed and the novel itself is just beautifully written in a fun, sarcastic-like way. I also like the fresh take on vampires with the good ones being called "Moroi" and the bad ones being called "Strigoi" and also the fact that the good vampires need guardians which are called, "Dhampir". Vampires are always portrayed as these strong, dangerous, independent creatures who sometimes protect weaker creatures, not the ones who need the protecting! Overall, Vampire Academy, it's a fun and a really fast read that anyone who loves vampires will like. I can't wait to find out what will happen between Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri.