Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake What I don’t like about this book is that it was extremely hard for me to picture what most of the character’s look like. I know that Kendare Blake was trying to make it in Cas’ point of view, but she really made it hard for me to picture what he looked like. All I knew were little bits and pieces that looked like a half finished painting in my mind. I also don’t like how rushed this novel is. I would have loved it more, no doubt if she put more description and made it longer and stretched it out more.What I like about this book is Cas’ and Anna’s relationship. Actually, I love how Cas’ treats the ghosts. He treats a lot of the ghosts with respect and tries to be gentle with them. I also like Thomas mostly because he sounds a lot like my best friend, Kate. Near the ending was very intense for me and I started flipping out (which means that I’m reading a good book). I just couldn’t put it down when I reached around page 220. I really hope Kendare Blake didn’t rush through her next book, Girl Of Nightmares. But I’m still going to read it.