Then You Were Gone - Lauren Strasnick Although my hopes were high for this novel and I was very disappointed, I think that it might be able to touch someone's heart. But it could also annoy the crap out of them just like it did me. Then You Were Gone is told from the perspective of Adrienne, a girl who seems to be freaking out over the disappearance of her ex-best friend. Everyone around her has told her again and again to forget about her, yet she can't. At first, I really liked the writing style. Very short chapters, and short sentences too. But after awhile I realized that there isn't much description of things and that the writing just jumps from one thing to another with no smooth transitioning. Which also explains the characters.The characters in the story are all very annoying and shallow. I understand that Dakota is supposed to be mysterious and that everyone hates her but secretly envy her but I would have enjoyed a lot more information about her. The only flashback or memory told in the story is from a few years ago when they were pretty good friends. That's it. What annoys me even more is that this same memory is repeated throughout the book but with a little more information every time. There isn't much (if any at all) backgrounds or personalities for the characters which left me frustrated. Because of this, it was very hard for me to get through much reading because Adrienne didn't pull anything out of me. All she seems to do is complain, whine, or piss off the people who care about her. Another thing that bothered me is that the book is rushed a lot. Don't get me wrong, I love a book that's fast paced and full of emotions but this is not the case. It jumps from two girls who don't talk any more to one of them gone and the other going berserk like her life depends on finding her. It doesn't fit, it's too confusing and too odd.There are quite a few relationships in this book and one of them is the relationship with Lee. At first, it's cute and all, the right amount of affection in the writing to keep it interesting. But after a few chapters, everything just changes and leaves behind a big mess of things. It's all disorganized and odd, Adrienne doesn't seem to do anything while Lee doesn't either. They're written like stick figures trying to go together which left me kind of annoyed. I was looking for a relationship that went with the story, not something that leaves it in a mess. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone just because I couldn't even finish it. But if you're up for it, give it a try.