Skin - Adrienne Maria Vrettos The beginning of this book really drew me in with the intense feeling of something bad yet exciting about to happen.Told from the perspective of Donnie, this story was interesting. The idea was pretty interesting because it wasn’t told from Karen’s perspective, but from Donnie’s and how it effected him. Some of the characters were funny and easy to read about while others were boring. It felt like a toss-up between them and which one I would be reading and liking. The ending didn’t seem good to me since it was so typical and bland I didn’t care for it. I wished Adrienne Vrettos could have done something unexpected for the ending.Skin was a disappointment because some of the funny parts weren’t that funny and the sad scenes weren’t sad at all.Everytime there was a flashback,I was waiting for information about the first chapter. I wish that Donnie stood out more because it didn’t seem like there was anything special about him or what he was doing for his family. I didn’t like that half of the characters didn’t have that much background and weren’t well-organized.The writing style didn’t bother me which was a good thing. I liked how she described the beginning with Karen and Donnie and the ambulance all huddled around Karen’s body. It was so intense, I loved it. Skin is a book that started in the middle of the story then goes back to the beginning and then back to the middle and then the end. I loved that it started in the middle since not very many books start there. The relationship between Karen and Donnie is like most relationships between siblings with the constant fighting and unpredictable moves. I would recommend this book to anyone who knows someone with an eating disorder. Also for people who feel like they disappear silently into the background, lost forever.