Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer I was expecting a lot more from this book. Simon and Schuster, Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer got everyone excited for this book. I mean, a fairy tale where the characters literally come to life-who wouldn’t want to read this book? Sadly, it fell very short from what I expected it to be.Between The Lines was written the perspective of Oliver, Delilah, and the Narrator. The characters’ were typical and felt like they were just words on paper, nothing they did made them come alive to me. I loved the idea for this story because it’s different and I was instantly interested in what it was about and about Oliver’s fate. The writing for this story annoyed me for some reason and there were a few words used in the wrong sense.Oh man, where do I start? Okay how about the fact that the characters’ were so typical and boring that I almost stopped reading. Yup, this book had so much potential with this amazing idea but the characters didn’t pull throw nor did the writing style. This book didn’t have enough dialogue for me which is something that I didn’t like at all. There was too much explanation in the first few chapters. Delilah was a very typical character that was a loner, had problems with other people (which is fine) and stuff but there wasn’t anything interesting about her other than she could talk to Oliver. I wished the authors made her more mesmerizing and original. There were a lot of parts in the story where I was shaking my head because there were parts that seemed either rushed or disorganized and didn’t fit well with the story. Jules didn’t feel any real to me either and the fight between her and Delilah wasn’t good or entertaining. I was actually yawning while reading it.Like I said before, the idea for this story is amazing and I loved it. Three stories wrapped up into one bigger story is great and usually exciting. I liked that the authors put the name of which character/narrator we were reading at the top of the page. My favourite parts of this book were the obstacles and challenges that Oliver and Delilah had to go through to find the right way to get Oliver out of the book.I don’t think this book is a good read for anyone over the age of fourteen because you can bluntly tell that it won’t entertain anyone over that age. If you are a ‘grammar cop’ this book isn’t for you at all. This book might be enjoyable for young teens who like reading three stories in one book because I liked that.