Stoner & Spaz - Ron Koertge Told from the perspective of Ben comes a story about love, Courage, and trying to find yourself and what you love. This book is an okay kind of read. The beginning starts off great with characters that make me laugh and pay attention to their lives. But everything changes and the things that really stands out disappear.Colleen is a very disorganized character. I understand that she's crazy and confusing but the way Ron Koertge writes her is odd and rushed. I love the beginning of this book, it really caught my attention and kept it until somewhere in the middle the book starts to go downhill. The funny and awkward conversations Ben and Colleen have seem to die away and become boring. Almost all of the characters don't have any back stories and after a while, feel like paper on ink, nothing special. The ending is very predictable and boring. I feel really apathetic towards it.For the most part, I really enjoy the writing style. I love how comfortable Ben is filming his peers because he seems very relaxed and kind of happy. The conversations actually start to pick up and become interesting for a bit. I like the way Ben interacts with them because they seem like how actual teens would react when being filmed. Another thing I like is Ben and his relationship with movies. It's something that can be easily relatable.Stoner And Spaz is an okay read that has teens act like actual teens. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books like, 34 Pieces of You, Candy, or any book where the female lead is a disaster waiting to happen. Yet, still pushes away the people who love her the most.