Break - Hannah Moskowitz Told from the perspective of Jonah McNab, a story about caring for others while trying to find your purpose in life. There are a few parts in the book that are written too quick that could have a lot more explanation. Overall, I love the writing style, it's smooth and all of Jonah's thoughts, I could really picture him saying them out loud. I really love this book.The secondary characters could have been more thought out. Especially the ones in the ward, they're supposed to be really important, but they're stiff and choppy. I really don't like the relationship between Charlotte and Jonah, it's really messy, confusing, and way too fast. I wish Hannah Moskowitz slowed every scene of the their relationship down a bit. Also, the ending really disappointed me because it's left are unanswered and it's disorganized. I would have given it a higher rating if the ending was better.Every relationship has its problems and I like that the relationship between Jesse and Jonah is perfect. I think so because it's raw and to me, it's a realistic relationship that I can easily relate to. Jonah McNab as a character has to be one of my favourite characters ever just because he's just so awesome. I love his humour even when it's inappropriate and how his brain seems to work differently than everyone else's and his love for his family. One of my favourite things that I absolutely love about Hannah Moskowitz and her books is that they all have some kind of twist to them. And that I learn new words like, Confucianism and anaphylaxis. I learn new things with every book I read by her, I love it!Overall, an amazing read that I recommend for everyone. Especially if you're looking for a story that is different from the rest of the books you've read. The characters are very likeable and this is about a serious topic that will make you think. Hannah Moskowitz recently released another young adult book called, Teeth. Which I cannot wait to read because I know it will be great.