Deadly Kisses

Deadly Kisses (Book One of the Deadly Darkness Trilogy) - Kerri Cuevas You can’t escape death. Well, for long, anyway. Aiden Grant knows that better than most. And although I like him during the first half of the book, in the second half he turns into this complete love-sick puppy who kinds of whines a lot. I found myself skipping most of the romantic parts because of this reason. Kerri Cuevas could have toned the emotion and love Aiden feels for Bee down by a lot. But, not a bad read. A cool idea that is well developed and a dark read.Deadly Kisses has a hard time setting the moods properly. It seems like every time something sad happens someone would say or do something funny right away. Instead of playing the sad part out a little longer, it keeps changing and making it harder for me to sympathize any of the characters. I also did not like the humour, it’s very forced sarcasm that didn't make me laugh once. I get the jokes, they’re just not funny. And I don’t understand why authors feel the need to repeat the same facts over and over again every two pages. Almost on every page, Ad is either saying/thinking, “I really love Bee”, “I have to reap Bee but I don’t want to,” or “I need to protect Bee from everything.” Of course I'm just paraphrasing it but you get the point (hopefully). Sadly, the whole book is mostly predictable and I knew the ending before I read it.What I do like about this novel is the world building. I love the night clubs and how all of the other Grim Reapers mingle together and become a community sort of like the living do except they drink anti-rotting drinks and own gondolas. Ad’s flashbacks of his death is the reason why he hasn't ascended yet and this has to be my favourite part of the book. As readers, we see Ad breaking down his well constructed walls and becoming very vulnerable. Kerri Cuevas does a beautiful job explaining Ad’s regret in such a manner that it touched my heart. It makes you realize just how hard it is to let the ones you love go without blaming yourself for letting them die.Overall, Deadly Kisses is an okay read that hopefully gets better as the series goes on (I think it’s a series). It’s not perfect, nor does it start off on a great note, but I did enjoy it. I recommend it for fantasy lovers who love the afterlife setting and Grim Reapers.