Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Who knew that half demons could be so tempting? Sweet Evil is a lovely story that will keep readers interested until the end. The story is told from the perspective of Anna Whitt, a teen about to turn sixteen. Everything changes for her because of her first concert. But for better or for worst?There are only a few things that kept this book from making my, 'favourites' shelf. For readers who want a very fast, very exciting beginning, Sweet Evil doesn't necessarily have that. Although the book did grab my attention, I feel like it could have improved on its intensity. The love interests are very annoying. As characters, they're awesome and really jump off of the pages with their humour and sweetness. But when they're together or near Anna all of that changes and they become kind of boring. The ending is what really disappointed me because it isn't exciting, overwhelming, nor did it have as much action as I would have liked.Sweet Evil is full of awesome, funny characters. The writing truly does help Anna seem like an innocent sixteen year-old. I also like the road trip and the other human-like things that goes on in the story. Instead of this whole façade of insane lies and betrayal (even though these things are in the book) the story still has a normalcy to it with all the normal things Anna does. The relationship between the twins really caught my eye since they seem very close and polar opposites. It's an odd relationship that works. Although it isn't perfect, and has a few problems, this book isn't a bad début I was expecting to roll my eyes at least five times per page but I only found myself doing it five times throughout the book.I would recommend this to everyone who is a fan of fallen angels and anything in that category. The second book in the trilogy, Sweet Peril will be out in April of this year.