The Game

The Game - Shane Scollins No offense to Shane Scollins but this book isn’t for me. If I was closer to Candice’s age, I think that I might have enjoyed this book more than I had. I think that I could have connected with her more than I did. With this being said, I didn’t care about most of the characters or the problems they had.For the things that I don’t like go, there is a lot. There is close to no world building at all in the story. I understand that it takes place in New York and New Jersey but still, there could have been a lot more details than there was. Another thing I don’t like is the intensity of it, it’s not at all intense or mysterious. I felt like I was reading a love story instead of an actual thriller that was supposed to keep me on my toes. There is an unbelievable amount of insta-love in this book. In some instances, I can tolerate it but the relationship between Vince and Candice goes from sweet and cute to full-out love in a matter of days. It’s just not realistic. The ending of the book is somewhat predictable yet there is a few surprises that keep interesting but not enough to actually like it.The writing style is something that kept me reading because it’s really smooth. This says a lot because I don’t usually like books that are written in third person. I really like the cool twist that happens with Vince and his life. I was not expecting it at all and actually made me happy that I kept reading. I also like Angus because he’s crazy. He’s this evil genius who gets what he wants and doesn’t care. Reading about him is going to interest most readers who are curious to know what goes through the mind of a killer without a heart. Shane Scollins did a fine job developing Angus as a character.Overall, not a bad read, but it isn’t a young adult book. It’s more directed towards adults which instantly made me not like the book but I kept reading because I liked the premise of it. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys movies like Gamer, Arena, and even books like The Hunger Games in a sense of the twisted minds of people and what they want out of reality tv show.