Running Lean - Diana L. Sharples Calvin:*Talks to best friend about bikes*Stacey: *Cries* I love Calvin but he doesn't even notice me anymoreCalvin: Please eat something, I miss you.Stacey:*Screams* You don't understand! Get out of my life! *Cries*Calvin: I'm so sorry I made you mad. Stacey: *Cries some more* You don't understand. I hate you.*Runs back towards Calvin still crying* I'm sorry I got mad. I love you so much!(repeat for rest of novel) Running Lean is so boring. Both of the main characters are stiff and whiny, Stacey cries over every little thing Calvin does and Calvin always caves and they both say sorry far too much. Honestly, I thought this would get better and something interesting would happen but nothing cool happens and Diana L. Sharples poorly executes getting a teenage girl's voice right. Through the whole book (of what I've read), Stacey sounds like a whiny, annoying pre-teen instead of a sixteen/seventeen year old girl. Calvin is supposed to be going through a rough time as well but very little actually proves his problems. His brother died and there are only few moments where Calvin shows sadness because of it. His life pretty much surrounds Stacey and her problem which is fine but I was promised more than that.