The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett This story is really cute. But that seems to be all it is. While it didn't blow me away, I still enjoyed it. Right off the bat, within the first few chapters I knew too much information. I wish that Mindee Arnett spaced out the information a lot more so that it didn't overwhelm me. Not only did the chapters have too much information but there are a lot of clichés that made me want to roll my eyes and pull my hair out. Especially when Dusty gets very jealous and pouty over the smallest things (mostly Eli related). Almost every character blends into the book. And this isn't a good thing. Upon finishing this, I forgot the names of the main characters. None of them stick out nor held my attention long enough for me to remember their names. Which is sad because I really wanted to love Dusty.Throughout the story, there are many references that Dusty's mother is, 'such a badass' and, 'a legend' yet, nowhere in the book is there proof of any of this. And even where there is, it only touches it for a bit and then moves on to the next thing. There isn't anything that made me believe that her mother is in fact, someone who shouldn't be reckoned with. I didn't enjoy the ending either because it isn't intense at all. It's flimsy and seems more humourous and weak rather than one of the stronger points in the book. Nightmares! How cool is that? I've heard and read about almost every other kind of fantasy creature out there except for nightmares. This helps keep the story a bit more interesting. The Nightmare Affair is well written. The words flow together and have a cute, sort of humour style to it that I enjoyed. It helps make the clichés and practicableness more bearable. Although I didn't like the book as much as I'd like to but it is a light enough read that it didn't bother me too much. I would recommend this to everyone just because it has a kind of Sabrina the Teenage Witch feel to it and come on, who didn't love that show?