Tilt - Ellen Hopkins I was expecting more from this book because the synopsis is really well written. Kind of a let down, it falls short and might disappoint. Sean is the most interesting to me because he has a lot more obstacles to overcome than Mikayla and Harley. He's different and strong in ways that not very many people think he's capable of. In her usual books, the characters jump off the pages. The main characters are pretty stiff and a bit lifeless. I wasn't freaking out the way I expected myself to. I didn't freak out very much to be honest.There's too many people getting their share of opinions. Instead of just the three main characters, there are a lot of secondary characters who get a page with their opinions on things (complete random shit that is irrelevant to the story by the way). At first it's fine because the first few people who get their opinions told are important to the stories like boyfriends and family members. Somewhere in the middle of this story, I think that Ellen Hopkins ran out of steam and started giving completely random characters an opinion about things that don't matter. The ending ruins most of the book. I wanted more but instead got nothing and I'm pissed off.Tilt still has Ellen Hopkins's special touch with the characters going through different problems and having different lives. I really like the writing style because it's smooth and very graphic while still leaving the readers to use their imagination. Fans of her previous books might be disappointed. I wouldn't recommend this book as your first Ellen Hopkins choice.