The Things a Brother Knows - Dana Reinhardt Not a bad book but not the greatest either. It was funny at times and intense at others. The relationship between Levi and Boaz is complexed yet interesting all the same.The story is told from Levi’s perspective while the two brothers go on a walking trip through the US and how their wounded relationship somehow heals. Some of the characters were typical and boring while others, like Dov, were fun to read about.The Things A Brother Knows was pretty tough to get into and then hard to connect with the characters. The writing was another issue for me because it was slow and felt like Dana Reinhardt was trying to fit so much meaning and emotion into every paragraph.Dov was one of my favourite characters that I liked a lot because of the way he was always teasing Levi about his hair while still serious and meaningful when Levi needed him to be. Also, the way Boaz reacted to everything around him once he got home. I loved how scared and vulnerable Boaz was at some parts and how Levi helped him get through it because well…That’s what family is supposed to do.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA books that evolve around war and the relationship between family members and how hard it is to get the relationship you used to have with them back.