This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers 3.8/5-This book made me laugh a lot but I didn’t feel sorry for the characters. I wish I did but I didn’t and zombies are always goodThis Is Not A Test is a book with zombies in it. But it’s not really about them, it’s about the fact that Sloane doesn’t want to live anymore and she can’t seem to find the right time to leave the world. The characters in this book were okay, they weren’t great because some of them seemed rushed and not well thought out and there wasn’t very much action. I liked the idea for this story and the chapters were short and mostly easy to read. When you read about a book that has zombies in it, you expect a lot of action and guts and gore and other shit. But you don’t get much of that in this book. Even though the book wasn’t about the zombies, I was expecting a lot of action at least since Courtney Summers included them in. But you only find action near the end. In the middle is drama, drama, and more drama. There were some parts of this book where I didn’t even understand what I was reading. Sloane was a very complex character, I’m not sure if I liked her or not because there were times where she was fine and cool but then there were the times where, she would just do the dumbest things. And then just not make sense at all. The chapters were very short and I finished this book in a day because of it. I loved how just awkward and forced the characters were to get together and stay together for such a long period of time. It was funny reading what the six teenagers did with no privacy. Especially the relationship between Sloane and Rhys because it was awkward while sweet. I liked that Sloane was depressed but not too over-the-top that it was annoying or too uncomfortable to read about. Courtney Summers put a few great twists in this book that had me guessing, especially about her sister because I didn’t know what to expect when it came to Sloane’s sister, Lily. This book is for people who like zombie books but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re into hardcore zombie books because there wasn’t that much action in it. It’s also a good read for people who liked books that have teenagers that dislike each other and have secret motives.